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Denplan Excel Reaccreditation 23rd February 2023
Site last updated: 28th November 2023
BDA Good Practice
We have renewed our membership to the BDA Good Practice Scheme May 2023
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Intra-oral Scanner
Digital X-Rays
  • These offer a markedly reduced exposure to radiation to improve patient safety.
  • The results are available almost immediately, reducing the waiting time
  • Better image quality aids in a more accurate diagnosis
New Technologies
Digital Intra-Oral Camera
  • Enables us to take digital images / photos of the inside of the mouth, including teeth gums and soft tissues
  • We can magnify these images to help provide a better understanding of your oral health
  • We can demonstrate and show you where treatment / intervention is required
Adhesive Technology
  • We use the latest adhesive technology to provide the highest quality restorations for your teeth
  • This allows a more minimal preparation approach, preserving more tooth structure
  • Helps to restore the integrity & improve the aesthetics of the tooth
  • Can be used to improve the shape & colour of front teeth, without the need for drilling or anaesthetic
Dedicated Decontamination Room
  • Patients can have peace of mind that all of our dental instruments are processed in our dedicated decontamination facility
  • Instruments are processed using the latest decontamination regimes, away from patients and the clinical surgery
Fully Computerised
  • We now a fully computerised practice
  • This enables us to provide an efficient reminder system, by email or text or both
  • Our Patient Portal allows you to complete any paperwork updates in advance of your visit (eg medical history)

Rotary Endodontics
  • For root canal treatment that we do undertake, we use a rotary endodontic machine for cleaning and shaping the root canal system
  • This has many advantages over conventional "hand files":
        • More flexible files allowing better negotiation of curved canals & greater precision
        • Faster canal preparation = shorter surgery time
        • Tapered file system allows improved filling (obturation) of the root canal
        • The system detects when the files have reached the tip of the root
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