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Oak House Dental Practice  -  Price Guide
You will receive your own individual printed treatment quotation following your consultation

from just 23p / day
All Essentials plans include:
1) A minimum of 20% discount on treatment charges
2) Free 24 hour help-line
3) Out of hours emergency (Out-Of-Hours Fee Included*)
4) Discounts for multiple plans from one direct debit
5) Oral cancer cover*
6) Outside impact on teeth, crowns, veneers & dentures up to £10,000 per incident*
7) Overseas temporary emergency treatment*

Denplan Care
from just 42p / day
All Care plans include:
1)  ALL the benefits of Denplan Essentials Plans
2) Routine 6-monthly Exams & Hygienist visits as required
2) ALL Routine & Emergency Dental Treatment is included
   (Fillings / extractions / hygienist etc)**

** Excludes laboratory expenses, cosmetic work & specialist referrals
Treatment Item
Private Fee
with Denplan Essentials
with Denplan Care
New Patient Consultation
(includes all necessary X-Rays)
Routine Dental Examination
Small X-Ray (each)
Large X-Ray (OPT)
Dentist Scale
Hygienist Visit (30 minutes)
Included (with B, C, D)
else £31.88
Air Flow Polish (only with de-scale)
Small Composite Restoration from
Large Composite Restoration from
Extraction from
Crown from
£380£300Laboratory Fee Only
Veneer from
£325£260Laboratory Fee Only
Acrylic Denture from
£345£285Laboratory Fee Only
Cobalt Chrome Denture from
£450£375Laboratory Fee Only
Zoom At-Home Tooth Whitening
Zoom In-Surgery Tooth Whitening
Oral B WhiteStrips (per pack)
Emergency Visit normal hours
(includes Emergency Treatment)
Out-Of-Hours Emergency Visit
(includes Emergency Treatment)
(£225 after 10pm)
(with Insurance Option)
(with Insurance Option)
At Oak House we have recently celebrated our 20th Birthday. Opening in October 1998, as a new NHS Dental Practice, we cared for over 12, 000 NHS Dental patients over 10 years. Due to changes in NHS contracts, we left the NHS sector and joined Denplan in October 1999, to focus on our preventive patient care.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
7.45am – 12.50pm, 2pm – 5.30pm

8.00am – 11am (Reception)

Thursday, Friday - Home Visits
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