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Oak House 2018 Christmas Whitening Offer
for registered patients only - why not register and take advantage of the offer?

Oral B 3D WhiteStrips: £95 (including a scale & polish)  saving £84.50*
Zoom At Home Tooth Whitening: £189 (incl scale & polish)    saving £88.50*
*compared to our Standard Private Fees
Oral B WhiteStrips, including a Scale & Polish
Looking for a great way to whiten your smile ahead of that important interview? What a quick way to get dazzling teeth before you walk down the aisle? After a brilliantly whiter smile for the holiday of a lifetime? Look no further as Oral-B has the solution with our brand new teeth whitening strips kit!
The revolutionary Oral-B 3D White Whitestrips provide a unique and easy option for whitening your teeth at home. 3D White Whitestrips remove years of stains and provide better whitening than any toothpaste can give you. With the results lasting up to 12 months, your brilliantly whiter smile will dazzle time and time again.
Oral B Whitestrips (3D White) consists of flexible thin strips coated with 5% Hydrogen Peroxide (the main ingredient for teeth whitening). They conform to the shape of your teeth, removing years of tough stains from coffee, red wine and smoking.
Simply wear the strips for an hour, once a day for up to two weeks.
  • No messy impressions – you’ll get even, consistent whitening without having to fiddle around.
  • Walk out with the strips on your first visit – no more waiting for trays or sitting through lengthy appointments.
  • Whitening on the go – no messy syringes to carry about, the compact strips can be kept in your purse
Zoom At Home, including scale & polish
The ZOOM! At Home Whitening System can make your teeth dramatically whiter in just 10 days. The procedure is simple. It begins with impressions of your teeth to enable custon made trays to be made. The trays are then checked by a clinician, to ensure fitment. You will then be given a demonstration of application. Trays with Zoom are then worn nightly until the desired result is achieved. The ZOOM! NiteWhite gel works by gently penetrating your teeth, breaking up stains and discoloration. With proper care and whitening maintenance your smile can sparkle for years.

Just £189 for our Christmas 2018 Special!

Oral B WhiteStrips @ £95 - I'm a patient of Oak House
Oral B WhiteStrips @ £95 - I need to register also
Zoom At Home @ £189 - I'm a patient of Oak House
Zoom At Home @ £189 - I need to register also


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